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Bell Ringers and bell historians all around the world will tell you that there is much more to bells and bell ringing than meets the eye. There have been many developments in the manufacture and design over the many years since the first bell was rung. Bells have changed size, shape, and sounds.

Church Bells

Bells, of course, have been used for many different occasions and purposes throughout history, and today that is still true. Because of the rich and diverse nature of bells, it is somewhat difficult to keep track of all the changes across the entire world. It is much easier to do when we look at the bells belonging to one style or industry.

For that reason, our site places the majority of attention on church bells. Even within that specific category there is an almost endless amount of information. You will find information about how the materials used to make bells have changed over years, how those materials have affected the manufacturing process, and how the shapes and styles have changed.

Bells in Our Lives

Church bells have served as inspiration for so many different aspects of our lives.At Christmas, we see bells on our Christmas trees, adorning street lighting posts, on business signs and storefronts, and we even see bells in the games that we play. In fact, even slot machines can reveal a love for bells. Who would have thought that church bells would end up on the online gambling circuit? It’s truly incredible.

The most popular of the video slots featuring bells is obviously the game called, “Ring the Bells,” but there are a few other less popular ones as well. We have to ask ourselves why bells would reach so far into our lives and we spend some time discussing that very question. As you spend time on our site, you will see how and why bells deeply affect our lives.

Enjoy Your Stay

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay on bellhistorians.org.uk and that you learn more about bells, bell-making and world traditions around bells and bell-ringing. We also hope that you walk away with a new respect for the bell-making tradition and that you discover a little about how the tradition is still alive.